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At Aqua Fun Backyard Swim School, our mission is to help our students learn to become safe, strong, and confident swimmers!  






Hi! I'm Rylan and I've always been someone who loves being in the water. I am passionate about helping others to become comfortable and safe in and around the pool, while also striving to make lessons a positive and fun experience.  

I am currently a second-year university student studying Computer Engineering at Queen's University. I enjoy playing hockey, skiing, biking, squash, water polo, and swimming. 

I became certified and began teaching lessons in 2020, and launched AquaFun Swim School in 2021.



Hello! I'm Jacob, I'm a enthusiastic swimmer with a lifelong love for the water. As the summer approaches, I'm eagerly looking forward to teaching a new wave of swimmers.

I am currently a grade 11 student who's attending St. Andrew's College. I enjoy swimming, hockey, golf, volleyball and skiing.


Hey! I'm Malone. I am a dedicated swimmer with a passion for the water, which I developed at a young age through my own competitive swimming experiences. As summer draws near, I am excited to dive into the season, and am eager to guide new and returning swimmers.

I am currently a grade 11 student who's attending Newmarket High. I enjoy swimming, reading, snowboarding and running.



Hello, My name is Charlie Hunter. I am very excited to have the opportunity to be teaching new swimmers, and am looking forward to all the fun we will have this summer. 


I am currently a grade 11 student enrolled at Aurora High School. I love hockey, lacrosse, snowboarding, swimming, and teaching!

Certified & Insured

Aqua Fun Backyard Swim School is a registered business that is fully insured during the operational swim season.  


All of our instructors are certified by The Lifesaving Society and have up to date certifications in:

  • Bronze Medallion

  • Bronze Cross

  • Standard First Aid

  • Emergency First Aid

  • Water Safety Instructor

  • National Lifeguard - NLS

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